Reflection post

IN this post I will be sharing some old post with you guys and some of my thought on it and reflecting back to the first day of class to the last

for my first post I will be hyper linking a post where I see improvements needed. The post I choose is reading like a writer/ and by islands I mean paragraphs. I chose this one because it was my very first blog post and like any other blog post it was pretty bad. with he skills I have now I realize in this post I was pretty vague and needed to be more specific. I could’ve went into greater detail on why I thought the things I thought in my commentary post. Maybe argued it a little more and had the readers actually know what I’m trying to say and have a better understanding about it.

commentary : In the article by Island I mean paragraphs I found it very hard to read because I couldn’t follow it. I’m not sure what the articles point was so its kind of hard for me to comment on it. I’m not even sure on if I read it the right way or if I even followed it correctly. it was kind of difficult to read because i wasn’t quite picking up on the directions. i’m guessing that the author wanted us to some who connect to it in some sort of way, but its hard to tell when all you have is a paragraph of instructions to read. I tried again this morning but nothing showed up.

a place where I improved would have to be the seeing ourselves through technology post 2 I picked this one because I think I did a great job with the citing sources. It may seem like a silly thing to get excited about, but it was my first time siting my post and I think I nailed it. MLA is something I struggle with so writing the post and nailing the citing made me really excited to continue doing it. Most people struggle with citing sources so when classmates would come to me for help it made me feel like I was smart. I also notice that I did a better job about explaining my point and not cutting my thought of mid sentence and starting a new one. I did a better job with my commentary as well here is the post I’m explaining.

Commentary : in chapter two the author talks a lot about filters. Author Jill walker Rettberg talks a lot about filter that you can see with your eyes and some that are in a rhetorical since. like coffee filters you use them to keep the grounds out of your cup, but if you look at it in a philosophical way its so much more. wit coffee grounds you essentially putting a threshold between the thing you want and the thing that you don’t much like when posting online you wouldn’t want your fans or followers seeing something they don’t want so you put a threshold on the real you and the cyber you comes out.

a place where I was most confident would be with the summaries I write. Just because I’m good at remembering information I take in, so it was supper easy for me to write the summaries. another place would be when I switched it up and did a key term note. I was pretty scared because I’ve never done them its always been the same two things or 3 things. which you can view by clicking on the link. I’m most proud on how much my commentary changed for the begging of the semester to the end of it. MY last post had examples and explanations for that example. which you can view down bellow

Commentary: I thought it was kinda weird how Rettberg used the term visual expression of identity, because to me I’d have to disagree i think they represent us but not as identification. If you’re like me my profile picture is of me holding a CPR infant doll to my face with the caption “my child” on it so I don’t think I identity myself as a CPR infant doll lol. I also think it is weird how she brought up the fact that you have to see someones feed to analyze them, because who is just going on Facebook and thinking. HMMM who can I analyze today. It’s sounds really suspeicous and creepy if you ask me, or it could be the fact that it is 3am in the morning and I just got home from work and am very sleep deprived but still trying to finish my notes for tomorrow.

What I have gained from this course is how to properly write a reflection and how to apply your own thoughts to someone else work. What I mean by this is being able to read someones else work, understand it and provide feed back from your point of view. I learned how to site my sources and give credit for what I’ve taken and applied to my own thoughts. I will apply these by continuing to site sources and read like a writer. I will continue to read things and not just read the but read and questioned them and think about how it connects to everyday life, and or other articles. This class has taught me that there is more to reading the just words and print. You have to be willing to sit down and think about it.

mentor blog

The mentor blog I chose to look at this week is a Riddle BLog. I Choose this one because riddles are like poems except you have to figure stuff out at the end. om this blog you can find a bunch of pictures and other things as well looking at this blog its not much of a riddle blog verse a blog that’s a riddle you have to figure it out kind of as you go that’s the weird part about it. you kind of have to figure the blog out, but besides that it is a cool blog to look at. you get to see what they’re up to and stuff like that. The went on an Easter egg hunt this weekend which is always fun.

poem explained

this poem was basically just a fun poem I wrote. I tend to get sick of winter a lot so I wrote to express how I felt about it being winter 4 month in a spring you can be out doors without having to worry about getting frost bit or too cold to go outside. I like spring because I’m more of an outdoorsy person who likes to just be in nature and its kind a hard to do that in the winter. I love the smell of flowers and all that the only good part of winter is the snow ball fights and the hot chocolate. some people say allergies but my allergies are year round.

blog tour

when reading these blogs I see the difference in interest threw their eyes. starting with carmen’s blog is a fitness blog on here you learn the true value of motivation and how to stick to your work out. She talks about what kind of food to eat when you work out and the importance of discipline. Carmen does a good job of explaining the importance of food and how to fuel yourself through it. on her blog you’ll also find that she give you some examples of the food she eats to fuel her workouts. I think what separates her blog from other s is that she gives examples and she doesn’t just say stick to this stick to that. connection with the audience is what is key.

Long Dao’s Blog on here he talks a lot about the mechanic program at rctc. his blog talks about how he is completing his generals at rctc and how it is his first year. He also talks about his transfer options and how he has to have 30 credits to transfer. He tells us that this is the requirement for rctc., but how he only needs 30 and 6 or the 10 goals to transfer. he also talks about some statistics about the program. He also tells you that the required credits for this program is 124 in order to graduate with a degree. HIs blog does a great job of explaining what you can expect when going into that program.

on Asucena’s Blog is another fitness blog but it also speaks a lot on wellness as well. This blog talks a lot about the advantages of wellness along with fitness. On this bog you can also find that the author made it like an example as well she posted some machines that can help with wellness as well and fitness too. On this blog she touches on many things like making a workout schedule but making sure you stick to that schedule. She gives some helpful hints on how she choses to tone herself while giving a quote and a nice explanation on that quote. she gives good advice on resting your body and making sure you stick to your the rest. Your body can only handle so much of what you do. wouldn’t want to over due it.



Spring time brings out beautiful flowers

With nice long hours.

It also brings delicious smells

Nighttime bells and midnight showers

The taste of pie oh me oh my

Touch of the track as you warm up and head back.

Oh how I can’t wait til spring

Blog explained

I wrote this blog when I was actually in my very first was to me what seemed like love at the time and I was so young I couldn’t explain what I was feeling I just knew I felt it, but I quickly got my heart broken once I found myself a month or so later and him as well. We both quickly learned that love or our love was more of elementary school love like how you love graham crackers or peanut butter or waffles things like that. To some people it may seem like a silly poem but for me it was written from the heart. The poem is also a play ok questions because LOVE really doesn’t have a definite answer to it. It’s kind of abstract if you think of it. No one has a definite answer in what love actually is. They have an answer on what they think it is but not what it is exactly because the truth is love is what ever you want it to be




What is love you may ask

Love is a breath of fresh air

What is love the people say

Love is a new car freshly smell

What is love your friends scream

Love is like the best tasting meal you’ve had

What is love you ask to him

A brand new pair of shoes

What is love you ask her

Love is very good smelling perfumes

What is love you ask them

The feeling of unforgetfulness

What is love they ask me

A beautiful feeling of being free

Blog I Followed

Bianca Harris

Bonnie Robinson

Reading and Writing Critically


The blog I chose to follow shows a diffeerent show on poetry blogs it gives me another prospective I can take the blog in by brining in a newer idea. its more of like a diary blog where he write all of his feeling or idea stuff like that. it made me realize that I don’t have to actually write poems with everything that I feel I can write poems about my day or what I’m thinking or whatever and still have some leeway for people to actually feel my emotions or connect to my poems. He connects to his audience with a simple day to day poem or casual write or something like that. if you wanna see his poems go check it out at

mj. “MJ1982M’S BLOG.” MJ1982M’S BLOG, WordPress, 8 Apr. 2019,

Explained poem

I wrote the poem below because at the time I was in a dark place. You know you have some off days and some bad days and I wanted to remind myself that the bad days don’t out weight the good ones. At the time I was having troubles king friends and being comfortable with myself and who I was as a person and it seemed like poetry was my way out so I wrote and wrote and wrote and seemed to feel better after words hope you enjoy


When it’s gone you never know

When it’s here it never shows

If it does you push it down

Try so hard not to frown

When You do it’s okay

You don’t show it anyway

People ask why so upset

Then you cry and you regret

Ever saying it at all But sometimes it simple falls

Now you have to make a choice

Look around to find your voice

As you do you rejoice

Time will pass You rise above Emptiness

Replace with love

about the blog I followed

Bianca Harris

Bonnie Robinson

Reading writing critically 1


Her name is Martha I think well at least that is what her blog says. Her blog inspired me to post what I want to post, and not be scared about it. Her poems are inspirational and I think that she post about what ever she is feeling at that time or moment and thats the kind of blog that I’m going for. I chose to follow her blog after reading the one about her I think its about her at least I do. its named “I am with you” so I assume its about her. she does a great job of dragging you in with her and feeling what she feels and thats what I want my audience to feel as well. I want them to capture the moment and feel what they feel and interpret it in their own way.

so her is the link to her page and see what you guys think

Shaw, Martha L. “Poetry .” Poet, Write, Artist|in Love with the Lord, 20 Oct. 2018,

poem explained

The poem I wrote about a willow tree I picked because it symbolizes me. I spent a lot of time thinking about this symbolization. It was picked to me when I was outside looking at nature. Not like a willow tree but just a regular tree. I took a long time authentic. I picked it because similar to myself a willow tree hangs low but isn’t always like that its can be still or move finely in the wind. and that why i picked it